Cursussen voor promovendi

  1. The Exploration of a Topic for your Doctoral Studies..
  2. Designing your PhD Research & Research Proposal.
  3. Testing your PhD Research Design & Research Proposal.
  4. Asian PhD candidates at a Dutch University – doctoral studies in a transcultural context.
  5. Managing your Doctoral Studies.
  6. Workshops about specific topics (planning, getting grip on dissertation quality criteria, clarification of mutual expectations of candidates and supervisors, writing the blurb of your future dissertation, communicating with your supervisor, managing your supervisor, etc.)
  7. Coaching for individual PhD candidates wrestling with their project progress.

Cursussen voor promovendibegeleiders

  1. Professionalization and Intervision Trajectories for PhD Supervisors – two days programs or extended versions.
  2. Workshops about specific supervision topics (selection of candidates, planning, clarification of mutual expectations, clarifying dissertation quality criteria, giving feedback, interviewing candidates for doctoral research projects, etc).
  3. Coaching for individual supervisors and small groups